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My name is Darren and I've put myself forward to become Chairman of the BGOA as Bob Boswell, the existing Chairman and some committee members stepped down at the recent AGM. I'm writing to you, the members to ask for you to agree that I am the best person to take this forward. I will have a new committee with new faces and ideas together with old faces returning and we will have a new and fresh approach to the BGOA. 

A brief insight into my background: 

I used to come to Hove dogs as a young boy and my father and his friends had their dogs with Doreen Walsh. A few years ago I was at the track with some friends who owned a few dogs and within minutes I was asking them questions about owning a greyhound. The answers enthused me to the point where I wanted to buy one that night and my first dog, Unlikely Kitty won an Open after a few races of me owning her and that was me hooked! Since then I’ve had dogs with a few of the trainers at Hove and have also bred a litter which run at Hove. 

 I've also held a kennel hand licence for nearly 2 years so I could see how the inside of racing works. I am enthusiastic about the possibility of heading up the BGOA and look to you all to vote for me at an EGM. 

This is just a short resume. If anyone has any questions then I'm happy to answer. I can be contacted via email Or mobile 07546212769 Or just approach me at the track. 

Some of my plans include: Interactive with members to air their concerns, e.g. a Facebook and Twitter page, more information on the web page. A 3 monthly newsletter. A meeting with both the rm and the gm to include question and answers. Personally going to see the trainers to get their ideas of getting more owners involved and looking after current owners. Creating more fundraising events and seeing where this money can help for the members. Communicating with owners more. Also, some more longer term plans: Annual golf day Xmas party Different ways of bonus races Making the committee stronger


At the AGM on Monday night Bob Boswell, Paula Boswell, Maria Collins and Diane Benson all stepped down.

Darren Baker has been made Chairman Elect, but this will be subject to members approval and anyone wishing to take on the role will be given the opportunity to step forward and run against Darren.

It now stands that only 

Chairman Elect (Darren) Elliot - Treasurer, Dave Staddon - Memberships and Norah McEllistrim - Commitee Member remain along with Jenny Bunting who runs the Retired Greyhounds Trust at Hove who holds a place for Welfare 

The board therefore needs a Vice Chairman and a minimum of 2 other committee members to function otherwise there is a real possibility that the BGOA will fold

We therefore strongly urge anyone who would like to be involved on the Committee to contact the BGOA through this website so we can put your name forward to join the board.

  • Hove RGT receive £216.00 from raffle

At the Annual Hove Awards Night held in March this year a magnificent £216.00 was raised in the raffle for Hove Retired Greyhound Trust. 

This sum has been passed to Hove following receipt of an invoice for Pepper who was previously not supported in the kennels. 

Pepper has now been re-homed and therefore Owners were able to pay her last invoice before going to her forever home

  • Annual Membership subscriptions 

The annual membership subscriptions for the BGOA were due in January, however not everybody renewed and in March alone 6 trophy winners were not eligible for awards due to their membership lapsing.

If your membership has lapsed and you still wish to be a member of the Owners Association please print off a form from the website and pass this over to Dave Staddon with your payment.