Annual General Meeting Minutes 04/06/2018

Mr D. Baker (Chairman) 

Mrs B. Gardiner (Vice Chairman) 

Mr D. Staddon (Subscriptions Secretary)

Mr E. Mason (Treasurer)

Miss S. Mahon (Secretary)

Miss M. Bolingbroke (Trophies & Events)

Mr P. Sergeant 

Miss J. Bunting 

Darren Baker opened the meeting at 7.30 pm

Apologies – J. Bunting, P. Sargeant, P. Searle, S. Blackmore, R. Lynn, G. Woodroffe & C. Warren

Minutes of last years EGM were read out and no matters arising

Proposed Brenda Gardiner

Seconded Sandra Mahon 

Chairman's Words – With the previous Chairman resigning and the possibility of the BGOA closing our first year has been very challenging.

The Racing Manager & General Manager have left. We also lost Sunday racing. 

We had a new trainer join us near the end of last year, and recently we very sadly had the passing of one of our trainers.

We look around and know the track needs lots of work to bring it up to standard and with the new people in charge, its starting to look up. Ian Smyth (New General Manager) is very approachable and wants to succeed in his role. So for us as owners we need to know what they are going to do to make our experience of owning dogs at Hove better than anywhere else. I have spoken with Ian & Mehrdad and the new plans look very exciting and hopefully not to disruptive. I have a meeting with Ian very soon and anything spoken about tonight will be discussed at that meeting.

Memberships – At the end of May we had 151 members and the total for last year was 138 

Finances – As of today's date the BGOA account stands at £4864.11

Committee – It was decided that a new member was needed on the committee and that an existing members role be changed. 

Mrs B. Gardiner became Vice Chairman & Miss M. Bolingbroke was voted on to become Trophies & Events organiser.

Mrs B. Gardiner Vice Chairman – Proposed Mark Charman – Seconded Steve Eason 

Miss M. Bolingbroke Trophies & Events – Proposed Brenda Gardiner – Seconded Melita Acton

AOB – A lengthy discussion was held on RGT & BGOA and where each other stood. Clarification on how many re-homed dogs actually came from Hove owners is required. Darren is going to try and sort a meeting with RGT as previous meetings failed.

The Christmas raffle, Tombola, Quiz Night and Annual Awards were all spoke about and new ideas were talked about for ways to make the BGOA better in the future. Mark Charman suggested we do a spin the wheel (at Christmas) and all present were in agreement. The prize would be £1000 and to qualify you must be a BGOA member by the end of August 2018.

Retail Operations Manager Mehrdad Eshghipour spoke about the changes to the restaurant and how they would affect owners in the short term, he also spoke about how animal welfare must be first priority. 

Darren Baker closed the meeting at 9.46 pm