Committee Meeting Minutes 15/01/2018

Mr D. Baker (Chairman)

Mr D. Staddon (Subscriptions Secretary) 

Mr E. Mason (Treasurer)

Miss S. Mahon (Secretary)

Mr P. Sargeant (Asst Secretary)

Mrs B. Gardiner (Trophies) 

Miss J. Bunting

 Not In Attendance – Mr P Sargeant 

 Apologies - Miss J. Bunting

 Meeting Opened At 7.10pm 

 Minutes of last meeting were read out and no matters arising

 Proposed Brenda Gardiner

 Seconded Elliot Mason

 Christmas Raffle - The raffle was a huge success and after printing and prizes were deducted we were left with a profit of £431.50. It was decided to give £50.00 in gifts to the RGT and £50.00 to Raystede as they have both homed Retired Hounds through out 2017. £331.50 has gone back into the BGOA funds.

 Awards Night - The awards for December will be presented on 27th January

 Committee Members - We now have a vacancy for a committee member, anybody interested in becoming a member please contact the BGOA. It was also discussed and agreed that all members need to play a more active role at awards nights etc.

 Yearly Awards - We are hoping to have the Yearly Awards on the last Sunday of March, A letter is to be sent to all trainers asking if their owners would like a buffet or sit down meal. As soon as preferences are received Darren will have talks with track and restaurant as to prices etc. The BGOA will be looking for sponsors for the night and for trophies, if you wish to help in anyway please contact the BGOA.

 Social Evenings - A quiz night to include fish & chip supper and a race night including a curry are to be organised for the near future. 

 Finances - £4421.21

 AOB - It was decided the £100.00 bonus race would stop and a monthly members draw for £50.00 would take place instead. This is to start at the next awards night. 

 The RGT rehomed 120 dogs in 2017 and at present are full. The RGT dog show is to take place on bank holiday Monday.

 Darren has been asked to have talks with track management regarding parking for vans on race days.

 Next committee meeting to be held on 5th February 2018

 Darren Baker closed the meeting at 9.00pm