Rules For Trophy Awards

Presentation of a Trophy by the B.G.O.A and a complimentary Dinner from the Stadium, are the prizes for the Greyhound Of The Month and the rules that govern this are:

All owners of a greyhound must be paid up members of the B.G.O.A on the First day of each month to qualify for inclusion in that month's competition.

Each month the record of all members greyhounds will be recorded from the result sheets issued by the Stadium and points will be awarded for position in ALL races.

SEVEN points for 1st place, FIVE points for 2nd place, FOUR points for 3rd place, THREE points for 4th place, TWO points for 5th place and ONE point for 6th place.

At the end of the month the FIRST FOUR races of every greyhound will be totalled and the greyhound with the greatest number of points will be declared the winner.

In the event of a tie with four wins, BOTH greyhounds will be declared as winners and their owner(s) will receive the same prize, but in the event of a tie which includes a position other than first place, the winner will be the greyhound which recorded the most wins before the minor placing. If this is identical then the greyhound with the longest winning distance on its fourth race of the month will be the winner.

The decision of the committee in all matters relating to the award is final.

THREE (or more) IN A ROW: A win in three (or more) consecutive races at Hove. Races at other tracks do not count for this award. All registered owners must be paid-up members of the association at the time of the wins.

CENTURION ROLL OF HONOUR: Relates to any greyhound kennelled at Brighton by competing in 100 races during their racing career. All registered owners must be members of the Association at the time of the award.

TROPHY PRESENTATIONS: These will be made each month on our B.G.O.A Trophy Nights. Races will be named in your honour and you are invited to present a trophy to the race winning owner(s), whilst you collect your award – please contact Darren Baker on 07546 212769 if you have any queries about this.

Details of each months winners are placed on the B.G.O.A notice board on the ground floor of the main grandstand and on the Website and Facebook Page.