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Samantha Foster  Romeo Magico   £50.00

Ian Andrews  Kildare   £20.00

Ian Andrews  Mickys Barrett   £10.00

Matt Christelow  Priceless Jet   £5.00

Rod Lynn  Hello Hammond   £5.00

Tony Taylor  Savana Beau   £5.00



Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st


Anybody wishing to renew or join can get a form from our website, their trainer or contact any committee member.



To all members in order to help us calculate the points for our awards, we

would be grateful if you would be so kind as to drop us a message/email if

you purchase or retire dog/s


The Winner Of The Owners


Bonus Draw Is No.9


Mr T.Cooper From Gemma Davidson





As of January 1st 2021 we will no longer have the puppy category each quarter, although we will have it in the yearly awards. We are bringing back the 100 Races and 3 In a Row. All other awards will remain the same.

The points system for awards has been amended and is as follows:- 

TEN points for first place, SEVEN points for second place and FIVE points for third place. There will no longer be points for fourth, fifth and sixth place.






Committee Meeting Minutes 16th May 2022


Mike Willis opened the meeting at 18.40

Minutes Of Last Meeting – Minutes of last meeting were read out, no matters arising

Membership – 65

Fund Raising – Derby Sweepstake all dogs have been sold. Percentage of profits to go to Brighton & Hove RGT

Finances - £2560.07


AOB – Draw was made for Derby Sweepstake. Results can be seen on our Facebook page or website.

Next Meeting 13th June 2022 at 18.15

Mike Willis closed the meeting at 20.35




Bitch Of The Quarter

Punk Rock Cinder – Owned by Mr M.B Christelow & Mr A.E O'shaughnessy

Trained by S Maplesden

Dog Of The Quarter

Sonny The Kid – Owned by Sussex Pro Guttering

Trained by D Knight


Sprinter Of The Quarter

Punkrock Rampage – Owned by Mr M.B Christelow & Mrs L.M.N Macleod

Trained by S Maplesden


Veteran Of The Quarter

Punk Rock Hazel – Owned by Mr M.B Christelow & Mr K.J Tester

Trained by S Maplesden


100 Races

Millies Diamond – Owned by Mr M.E.J Willis

Trained by M Collins


Punk Rock Hazel – Owned by Mr M.B Christelow & Mr K.J Tester

Trained by S Maplesden


Punk Rock Poet – Owned by Mr M.B Christelow

Trained by S Maplesden


3 In A Row

Clairekeith Remy – Owned by Mr R.L.K Lynn & Ms G.C Woodroffe

Trained by C Gardiner


Newinn Crypto – Owned by Mr A Alford & Ms L Williams

Trained by P Browne


Slippery Star – Owned by Adachi Racing Club

Trained by P Browne


4 In A Row

Maglass Matt – Owned by Miss S.J Marshall, Mr S.N.W Marshall, Mr R.J Shearly & Mr K.J Tester

Trained by G Davidson




1. The Association shall be called "The Brighton Greyhound Owners' Association". 


2. The object of the Association is to promote social activities amongst Greyhound Owners and their friends.


3. The Association shall be managed by a Committee of Members and shall consist of the following: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer and not less than two other members. The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy that may occur and co-opt, if they think fit.The retiring Officers and Members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election. All nominations for election of Committee Members must be proposed and seconded in writing and handed to the Secretary at least 21 days prior to the Annual Meeting. Nominations shall be restricted to paid-up Members of the Association.

4. (a) The Association shall be open to past and present greyhound owners at Brighton and Hove Stadium on payment of the annual subscription, the value of which shall be fixed for the ensuing year and agreed at the Annual Meeting.

(b) The Committee may, at their discretion, accept application for membership from any individual who, it feels, will contribute to the good of the Association. 


5. Subscriptions shall be due on 1st January, and the Annual Meeting shall be convened before the end of June. 


6. A Special Meeting may be convened at any time by the Committee, specifying the object of the meeting. Notice convening a Special Meeting shall be sent to members not less than 7 days before the meeting, and shall specify the matters involved. Voting at Special or Annual Meetings shall be restricted to members who have paid subscriptions to the Association for the current or preceding year. Voting slips, when necessary, to be issued on production of Membership cards or by reference to the Membership Register. 


7. The Committee shall have the power to expel any members who shall offend against the rules of the Association, or whose conduct shall, in the opinion of the Committee, render him/her unfit for membership of the Association, but for the purpose of this rule the vote of not less than two thirds of the whole Committee shall be necessary. 


8. The Committee shall have power to amend the rules with immediate effect when necessary.


9. At Committee Meetings and at Annual Meetings the Chairman or ViceChairman, or in their absence a member selected by the meeting shall preside, and he shall have a casting vote in the event of an equality of votes. 




Bitch Of The Year

1st  Fletchwood Co Co - Alma Keppie Kennels

2nd  Waikiki Suzy - Alma Keppie Kennels

3rd  Gemini Pixie Claude Gardiner Kennels

Dog Of The Year

1st  Absolute Boy - Seamus Cahill Kennels

2nd  So delighted - Alma Keppie Kennels

3rd  Gemini Spirit - Claude Gardiner Kennels

Grader Of The Year

1st  Waikiki Suzy - Alma Keppie Kennels

2nd  Kereight I Cant - Tony Taylor Kennels

3rd  Mineola Maradona - Nora McEllistrim Kennels

Sprinter Of The Year

1st  So Delighted - Alma Keppie Kennels

2nd  Carraig Molly - Tony Taylor Kennels

3rd  Iko Iko - Maria Collins Kennels

Puppy Of The Year

1st  Im A Starman - Seamus Cahill Kennels

2nd  Tutankhamun - Seamus Cahill Kennels

Veteran Of The Year

1st  Halo Blade - Maria Collins Kennels

Joint 2nd  Barricane Batman - Alma Keppie Kennels

                 Sacred Act - Richard Rees Kennels


Open Racer Of The Year

1st  Shoot The Bolt - June Harvey Kennels

2nd  Rockmount Mint - Claude Gardiner Kennels

3rd  Punk Rock Mutley - Stuart Maplesden Kennels

Kennel Hand Of The Year


Maria Ansbro - Derek Knight Kennels

Lifetime Achievement Trainer

Seamus Cahill



 We are looking for sponsors for the Annual Awards 

 Each  category will be £75

 If you would like to sponsor an award  please contact us via Facebook or email.

  Bitch Of The Year

  Dog Of The Year

  500 Grader Of The Year - Kindly Sponsored by Matt         


  Sprinter Of The Year

  Puppy Of The Year - Kindly Sponsored by Mud Pies

  Veteran Of The Year - Kindly Sponsored by Matt     


  Open Racer Of The Year

  Kennel Hand - Kindly Sponsored by Rod Lynn & Gillian     


  Lifetime Achievement (Trainer) - Kindly Sponsored by       Mike Harrod

All owners of a greyhound must be paid up members of the B.G.O.A on the First day of each quarter to qualify for inclusion in that quarter's competition.


Each quarter the record of all members greyhounds will be recorded from the result sheets issued by the Stadium and points will be awarded for position in ALL races.


TEN points for 1st place, SEVEN points for 2nd place and FIVE points for 3rd place.

At the end of the quarter the FIRST TEN races of every greyhound will be totaled and the greyhound with the greatest number of points will be declared the winner.


In the event of a tie with identical points the dog with most wins will be declared the winner, if both have same amount wins and points the prize will be shared.


The decision of the committee in all matters relating to the award is final.


THREE (or more) IN A ROW: A win in three (or more) consecutive races at any Ladbrokes/Coral track. Races at none Ladbrokes/Coral tracks do not count for this award. All registered owners must be paid-up members of the association at the time of the wins.


CENTURION ROLL OF HONOUR: Relates to any greyhound kennelled at Brighton by competing in 100 races during their racing career. All registered owners must be members of the Association at the time of the award.


TROPHY PRESENTATIONS: These will be made each quarter at a venue to be decided


Details of each quarters winners are placed on the B.G.O.A Website, Facebook Page and a letter will be sent to trainers.



George Andreas -  020 8299 6786 / 07878 760773 

Patrick Browne - Fordingbridge  01725 551 148 / 07765 056455


Seamus Cahill - Highams Court Kennels, Layhams Road, Keston, Kent, BR2 6AR  01959 576777 / 07803 078046


Maria Collins - Croft Handy Kennels, 51a Lonesome Lane, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 7QT  01737 249022 / 07811 527862


David Dark - Horsham 01403 253573 / 07813 992085


Gemma Davidson - Lingfield  01342 837868 /  07711 041097



Theresa Dornan - 07921 395110 


Claude Gardiner - Brighton & Hove Greyhound Kennels, Wheatsheaf Road, Henfield, West Sussex BN5 9BD  01273 492916 / 07921 976028

Belinda Green - Greens Greyhounds, Brighton & Hove Greyhound Kennels, Wheatsheaf Road, Henfield, West Sussex BN5 9BD  07725 074017


June Harvey - Romsey  02380 812580 / 07989 415762 


Jason Heath - Ballytag Kennels, Burnt Oak Farm, Burnt Oak Lane, Newdigate, Dorking, Surrey RH5 5BL  07920 005576

Alma Keppie - Two Oaks, Fletchwood Lane, Totton, Southampton. SO40 7DZ  02380 293268 / 07736 164 881


Jamie Kingsley - 07950 774843    


Derek Knight - Brighton & Hove Greyhound Kennels, Wheatsheaf Road, Henfield, West Sussex BN5 9BD             

01273 494737 / 07876 128625  

Stuart Maplesden -Brighton & Hove Greyhound Kennels, Wheatsheaf Road, Henfield, West Sussex BN5 9BD  01273 048128


Norah McEllistrim - 5 Burhill Kennels, Turners Lane, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 4AW  01932 221545 / 07767 136866

Richard Rees - 3 Burhill Kennels, Turners Lane, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 4AW  01932 222637


Tony Taylor - Tony Taylor Kennels, Layhams Road, Keston, Kent. BR2 6AR  07836 778604 / 01959 / 572066


Richard Yeates - Great Missenden  01494 863685


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